High Tech Mobile Diagnostic Units provide the most accessible and direct method for healthcare services to be made available to rural environments.

At present we have 3 Diagnostic Imaging Mobile Units: an area where we are national leaders for our unique effectiveness and rapid response.

The main strength of this fleet of mobile units (all fitted with CT Scanner, Mammography Machine and Magnetic Resonance equipment) is that it makes it possible to cover healthcare needs of patients living in peripheral areas who would otherwise have to travel to the nearest town or city where this technology is available. No less important is the support these units provide for Public Hospitals in certain situations.

In this way, they promote healthcare access for the whole population and bring state-of-the-art medical technologies to all territories in Spain, thus ensuring 100% healthcare coverage should there be construction work in progress, long waiting times or ongoing transfer of equipments.

Since it started operating in 2004, our fleet of Mobile Units has catered for the diagnostic needs of over 138,000 users, both in rural areas and in cities situated  in several Spanish regions.

Currently our fleet includes:

Health Registration Number: 8-11-0004

It performs the Breast Cancer Early Detection Programme in collaboration with Castile and Leon’s Healthcare Services (Sacyl). It features a state-of-the-art mammography machine employing high-resolution digital technology capable of detecting any breast lesion even in very early stages. In this way, it affords a dedicated tool for the prevention of breast cancer whose maximum resolution provides greater diagnostic accuracy and whose ergonomic design ensures patient comfort.

Health Registration Number: 47-C257-0015

Our 1.5-tesla High-Field Magnetic Resonance Equipment is fitted with all elements necessary to optimise its research-oriented use.  This technology makes it possible to obtain a higher final image quality in imaging studies targeted at brain, spine, abdominal cavity and its organs  (liver, pancreas, kidneys), bile ducts, arteries and heart. The greater field sensitivity means that images can be obtained in less time or, alternatively, in the same amount of time but with a higher quality.

Health Registration Number: 47-C257-0014

The CAT-Scan Unit of CT Scanner consists in an X-ray examination producing images of the body’s axial cuts. Instead of obtaining one single image as with conventional X-rays, a CAT provides multiple images by rotating around the patient’s body. The data thus obtained are processed by the computer so as to produce complete images of the organs being examined.