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One of the essential areas of health, especially with regard to mobility and its restoration, is physiotherapy.

This field plays a vital role in the recovery and maintenance of body movement, with the physiotherapist being the professional responsible for providing the necessary tools to achieve this. Therefore, when movement and functionality are limited due to injuries, disorders or the aging process, physiotherapy becomes a fundamental resource.


In the field of health, prevention is always preferable to cure, and physiotherapy aligns perfectly with this principle by offering the benefits of preventive medicine. This discipline not only benefits athletes, but also the elderly, those who perform physical activities or simply carry out everyday tasks.


Physiotherapy is based on preventive medicine approaches, using a variety of actions, exercises and specialized equipment.

There may be an undiagnosed condition causing muscle discomfort. If not treated properly, the situation may worsen and require more invasive treatment, such as surgery. In contrast, preventive physical therapy includes a thorough evaluation and implementation of necessary improvements to correct current problems or prevent future ones.


Whether it's treating muscle tears or preventing osteoarthritis, physiotherapy offers solutions tailored to the individual's age and condition. If you need to prevent or recover from injuries caused by daily or physical activities, physiotherapy is the answer. Even after surgery, post-operative care often includes sessions with a physiotherapist.

If you suffer from joint or muscle ailments, including the after-effects of COVID-19, physical therapy can improve your quality of life. It is essential to receive treatment from a qualified healthcare professional.

Physiotherapists' specialization

At Affidea, we offer comprehensive and advanced physical therapy treatments tailored to each individual. These may include ultrasound, electrostimulation, laser, kinesiotherapy or manual physical therapy, depending on the specific needs of each patient.

Our services are not only limited to the treatment of sports or trauma injuries, such as sprains and contractures, but also cover mobility problems, such as neurological physiotherapy for people with brain damage or conditions related to neurological diseases, as well as geriatric physiotherapy for elderly people with mobility problems or specific medical conditions.

Importance of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy not only focuses on restoration and rehabilitation, but also on maintaining optimal overall health, addressing various aspects including lifestyle, mental and emotional health of the patient. Thus, patients can enjoy the comprehensive benefits of physical therapy.

In addition to people with injuries or muscular problems, those who practice sports, pregnant women or people with health conditions such as asthma can also benefit from physical therapy.

Chartered Physiotherapy Professionals

At Affidea, we have qualified physiotherapists who are members of the Professional Association of Physiotherapists. Our specialists work on muscle and bone elasticity and toning, using techniques that synchronize breathing to prevent, improve and treat a wide range of injuries.

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