Medical check-ups

Affidea's Medical Checkups unit works to detect possible existing pathologies (cardiovascular, pulmonary diseases, etc...) and elaborates a customized plan according to each patient and life habits. First of all we identify the risk factors that could lead to a future disease (hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, pulmonary diseases, etc.). At each appointment we provide you with the best professionals with the latest technology to carry out these medical check-ups. At the beginning of each check-up the patient will be visited by our internal medicine service who will take a medical history along with a physical examination and will determine if it is necessary to carry out any other complementary test for the patient. We offer 3 types of medical checkups adapted to the pathologies of our patients, since each case is completely different with different needs and points where it is more important to make incidence. The key is to classify groups of patients by risk factors to specify what type of checkups they need. Ideally, these tests should be performed annually.