Quality, environmental and patient safety policy

Affinity with physicians and patients

The Affidea values are so important to our company that they are part of our very name - affinity for one another, our patients, shareholders, suppliers, competitors and the community in which we live and work, trust and fidelity in all that we do, and the ideas and innovation to move forward.

Each of us is expected to demonstrate these values in our work and business relationships.

Affinity means caring about what we do, how and above all why we do it. We can only provide the quality of service we do if we truly care about it, which is why we have a commitment to continuous improvement including patient safety aspects.

Trust and loyalty means being trustworthy. We are honest, fair and do the right thing without expecting a response, even when circumstances make it difficult.

Constant ideas and innovation means that we always look for the best and most modern solution to a problem or situation to ensure that we maintain the highest standards at all times.

The prevention of pollution of any kind, together with the responsible and efficient use of the resources used in our activity are aimed at achieving the principles of sustainable economy and environmental quality.


For our patients

To improve each patient's quality of life by utilizing the latest advances in technology, knowledge and evidence-based clinical practices. We ensure greater patient satisfaction and safety.

For our teammates

To attract, motivate and retain qualified and passionate people by offering them opportunities for continuous professional development and safe working conditions, which contribute to making Affidea a great place to work.

For our partners

To continuously improve our management system, minimize risks and seek efficiency and effectiveness in everything we do.

For the community

To meet our responsibilities, international standards, legal and compliance regime, including environmental.

Nothing is more important to Affidea than health.