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Service description

A stress test or ergometry is a medical test that assesses the body's response to exercise (exertion), from when the exercise is nil (resting and lying down) to when the exercise is maximal (fatigue or exhaustion).

A stress test makes it possible to diagnose risk situations and health problems even before there are symptoms (e.g., stress arrhythmias, high blood pressure, etc.). If the result is normal, the data obtained make it possible to establish an athlete's fitness to compete (to rule out health problems that may worsen with exertion and could lead to a risk of sudden death, for example) and to prescribe the most favorable physical exercise guidelines for each person, whether or not he or she is an athlete. This can be used to improve physical fitness in a safe way, to ensure good health and, if required, to improve performance.

The stress test is personalized according to the patient, as the level of effort and type of exercise is adapted to the age and particular characteristics.

In addition, the test is indicated and supervised at all times by a physician specializing in sports medicine with the support of a university graduate in nursing. Depending on the medical history and the sedentary habits, physical activity or sport of each individual, the physician proposes the most appropriate stress test.

The physician proposes the most appropriate stress test for each individual.

During the procedure, an ergometer is used, which is the apparatus on which the exercise is performed. The most commonly used are a treadmill on which you can walk or run, or a SRM cycle ergometer, which is a bicycle specially designed for the stress test.

The heart is constantly monitored through the electrocardiogram (ECG), which allows you to record each and every beat of your heart. This is done from pre-rest to post-recovery.

Thus, we check whether the heart rate is correct at all times, whether the heartbeats are coming from the right place, whether or not arrhythmias appear and - if so - what type they are, whether the myocardium is adequately irrigated during exertion, etc. Blood pressure (BP) is also taken to rule out hypertensive reactions and to assess vascular response.

In Affidea we have the best professionals to carry out the cardiology and sports medicine service as well as a large endowment of the latest technology to perform stress tests.

Therefore, we create a complete notebook that compiles all the tests performed, delivering it personally to the patient. We also send by e-mail a video recorded during the test and a detailed copy of all the results obtained.

Additionally, we provide all our patients with access to private changing rooms, showers and individual lockers for their comfort after completing the test.

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