It is an adjuvant therapy in both venous and lymphatic circulatory problems, for the treatment of tired legs.

It consists of applying pressure, causing an action similar to a manual massage. From the aesthetic point of view, we can observe the elimination of fat cells, as well as avoiding their accumulation.

What does Pressotherapy consist of?

The patient is introduced in a suit completely adapted to his body.

At the circulatory level, it will favor the supply of oxygen to the skin and will decrease vascular pressure, reducing problems in varicose veins.

At the lymphatic level, we will eliminate metabolic waste and stimulate the immune system.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves circulation and venous problems

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation

  • Increases skin oxygenation.

  • Relaxes the legs

  • Improves skin tone and firmness

  • Refines the silhouette of the legs and reduces cellulite


  • Pregnancy

  • Coronary and vascular problems

  • Oncological history

  • Dermal problems