Vascular medicine

Service description

The angiology and vascular surgery service is formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience and dedication in the management of circulatory diseases.

Affidea offers comprehensive services of clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the most frequent and important vascular and circulatory problems, and offers its services to individuals, companies, groups and social associations, sports federations, mutual insurance companies and insurance companies.

Varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency

  • Medical interview and clinical assessment

  • Physical examination

  • Exploration by Echo Doppler and venous mapping.

  • Diagnosis and medical and rehabilitative treatment of varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency and postphlebitic sequelae.

  • Sclerotherapy of capillary varicose veins

  • Capillary microsclerosis

  • Laser

  • Truncal varicose vein surgery

  • Foam sclerosis of varicose veins

  • Classic surgery

  • Hemodynamic correction

  • Endoluminal ablation techniques: laser and radiofrequency

Peripheral arterial disease

  • Medical interview and clinical assessment

  • Physical examination

  • Continuous Doppler examination and T/B indices

  • Clinical and instrumental assessment of diabetic neuropathy

  • Metabolic control and cardiovascular risk factors

  • Basic and advanced therapeutic orientation

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