Service description

In the otorhinolaryngology service we offer specialized assessment and treatment of head and neck disorders and diseases. Among them:

  • Hearing, noises in the ears, otitis, etc.

  • Dizziness or vertigo

  • Difficulty breathing through the nose, nasal polyps, inferior turbinates, rhinitis.

  • Tonsillitis, pharyngitis that do not improve with the treatment of your family doctor.

  • Child ENT: Vegetations, recurrent otitis, angina.

  • Snoring or sleep apnea

  • Voice, care and correction of alterations (singers, teachers).

  • Neck and thyroid tumors (neck masses-bulges).

We can also provide solutions to other aspects not necessarily pathological that will improve your quality of life:


Our nose, besides fulfilling an indispensable function in breathing, speech, among others, is the center of our face, and therefore, fulfills a very important social and aesthetic function in our presentation.

By means of the most advanced surgical techniques, otorhinolaryngology surgery will correct the alterations in the shape of your nose prioritizing the perfect functioning and health of it, in combination with ENT surgical procedures.


Together with the auditory function, the shape of the ears is part of our face and has a social impact on our self-esteem and personal safety. In the ENT service, both aspects will be evaluated giving solution to the deformities of the ears with surgical procedures that vary from ambulatory to other more complex, depending on the case, always keeping a discreet and functional aesthetic result.

It is never too late to perform an otoplasty (or ear surgery), however, doing it at an early age facilitates the child's adaptation and self-image to the social environment.

We also have the technology of radiofrequency, with which we give ambulatory and fast solution to problems such as:


Night snoring, besides being a real family problem, can harm your cardiovascular health as it is associated with diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, among others.

In addition, work and social performance is deteriorated by not achieving a restful sleep, causing excessive daytime sleepiness, headaches, lack of concentration, etc. In the most severe cases, life is compromised by affecting driving.

We have radiofrequency technology, which allows us to provide a safe treatment, without surgery, ambulatory and with a minimum of discomfort in appropriate cases. In only 30 minutes the procedure is done and the patient can go home. A complete ENT evaluation will guide you in the specific solution to solve this problem.


In some indicated circumstances, our children require a tonsillectomy (or tonsil surgery), which performs a defense function in the throat.

There are classic surgical techniques used for this surgery, but we also have at our disposal the tonsil radiofrequency, which according to clinical studies achieves success in this procedure by reaching lower tissue temperatures than with laser or electrocautery, with less tissue thermal damage, which causes less postoperative pain than electrodissection.

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