4d ultrasound

Affidea's Radiology department has the latest technologies on the market to offer our patients the best results through Ultrasound technology (ultrasound) with all the medical applications that encompasses both muscular and organic. As well as gynecological and obstetric ultrasounds including pregnancy Doppler ultrasound.

The ultrasound used in 4d ultrasound is a painless and non-invasive procedure. High-frequency sound waves transmitted through the body bounce off the baby's body in the form of echoes and transmit a clear image of the baby on the screen.

It is important to remember that as the pregnancy progresses there are different gynecological ultrasounds essential to ensure the proper development of the baby, as well as to rule out possible diseases. The Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy is performed in week 12 to screen for chromosomopathies (to see the risk of down, edwards and patau syndromes) combined with the analysis of the b-hcg hormone.

At Affidea our Gynecology and Obstetrics service and Radiology work hand in hand sharing the history of all patients so that the diagnosis is always as broad as possible covering all branches of medicine.

The 4d ultrasound allows us to see the baby in 4 dimensions, adding movement to the classic 3D so we could say that it is like watching a video in real time of our baby inside our body. The most touching part of this moment is that in many occasions we can even see how the baby smiles and even yawns.

From Affidea we recommend a 4d ultrasound between 24-26 weeks as this is the time when the fetus has the optimal size to be able to see it more easily. As the baby is being formed, it is getting tighter in the uterus and its hands may prevent us from seeing the baby's face and gestures in real time.

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