Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Open MRI

In open MRI, the patient is placed between two plates, which concentrate the magnetic field through the use of magnets. Nowadays, open MRI machines make it possible to evaluate joints of the extremities, peripheral areas, the entire spine and the cerebral area.

This procedure is also advisable for the diagnosis of treatments in the case of patients who are children, who suffer from obesity or even claustrophobia.

In Affidea Medicentro Boadilla center we have open magnetic resonance (Aperto Lucent of 0.4 T Hitachi). We perform all types of musculoskeletal MRI without contrast, including cranial screening, CAIS and paranasal sinuses without contrast.

Among the benefits of open MRI are:

  • Ability to treat claustrophobic patients. By having open sides and greater width, patients with difficulty getting into narrow spaces are not affected.

  • Greater comfort for studies in children, being able to be accompanied by their guardians.

  • More space to be able to treat patients who present difficulties due to their volume. As it has a larger diameter as mentioned above, patients with obesity up to 150 kilos, can undergo the study, as long as the morphology allows it.

  • No radiation, no adverse effects. By using electromagnetic waves the patient is not irradiated and therefore does not suffer any risk.

  • Results within 3-5 days