Dental CT

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Dental Computed Axial Tomography (CT), also known as dental computed tomography or simply dental CT, is an advanced technological tool used in dentistry to obtain detailed images of the oral and facial structure.

This revolutionary technology allows dentists and maxillofacial surgeons to accurately visualize the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, enabling them to more accurately diagnose a variety of conditions, from dental caries to sinus problems.

Unlike conventional dental X-rays, which only provide two-dimensional images, dental CT offers high-resolution, three-dimensional images. This means that dental health professionals can examine each structure from different angles, giving them a more complete understanding of a patient's oral anatomy.

The dental CT scanning process is quick and noninvasive. The patient is positioned inside the scanning machine, and the equipment rotates around the head, capturing multiple cross-sectional images. These images are then combined using specialized software to create a detailed three-dimensional representation of the teeth, gums, jawbones and other facial structures.

The benefits of dental CT are numerous. Not only does it help professionals diagnose dental and maxillofacial problems more accurately, but it also facilitates the planning of complex treatments, such as dental implant placement or facial reconstruction surgeries. In addition, its ability to identify abnormalities early can contribute to the prevention of serious oral diseases.

Dental CT is therefore an invaluable tool in the field of modern dentistry, significantly enhancing the ability of practitioners to provide quality, personalized dental care to their patients.

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