Bone scan

Service description

Bone scintigraphy is very useful in the study of many traumatologic, rheumatologic and oncologic diseases, as well as some of metabolic origin. It is a test that studies the bone system from the anatomical and functional point of view, using Tc99 Diphosphonate Radiopharmaceutical (MDP) and a Gamma Camera as detector equipment.

The Tc99 MDP is administered intravenously (in the forearm, as in a blood extraction). The irradiation you will receive is very low, even lower than that received in a conventional radiography. The study will generally be performed about 2 hours after the dose and in some occasions it will also be performed at the time of the administration of the dose.

It is not a painful test at all. It does not produce any effect or complication and you will be able to lead a normal life. During the test, which can take between 10 and 40 minutes, you must remain still.

Preparation for the test

  • It is not necessary to fast before the test.

  • You should be well hydrated (drinking water or juices a couple of hours before the test) and urinate before the images are taken.

  • If you are under treatment with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, iron compounds or diphosphonates (for osteoporosis), the professionals should be informed, because there are some interferences that may affect the interpretation of the scan.

  • You can come accompanied, but not with children or pregnant women.

  • The 24 hours following the test, you should drink plenty of fluids.

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