New Affidea Nuclear Medicine Center in Madrid


We start the year incorporating a new center to the Affidea network, in this case, Affidea Medicina Nuclear (Pérez Piqueras), in Madrid, in Calle Oquendo, 23, 28002 Madrid, (former Clínica Gamma).

Affidea has acquired this reference center in Madrid, a center that opened its doors in 1988, and that shared our philosophy: The patient and the development of quality medical activity. Always in the hands of great specialists in Nuclear Medicine, using the isotopes TC99, Ga 67, I123, In 111 and Y90, performing a wide range of diagnostic tests in fields such as oncology, traumatology, neurology, cardiology, urology, rheumatology, etc...

Affidea enters the Gamma clinic with a team that has been working together for more than 25 years in a complex medical specialty, unknown and essential in the diagnosis, with the illusion and determination to become a reference in Nuclear Medicine in Madrid.

The usual equipment in a Nuclear Medicine center is the Gamma Camera: The gamma camera or gamma camera is an image capture device, commonly used in nuclear medicine as an instrument for the study of diseases. It consists of a gamma radiation detection equipment. This radiation comes from the patient himself, who is injected, usually intravenously, with a radioactive tracer (radioisotope). The clinical diagnostic modality performed by gamma cameras is called gammagraphy.

Equipment and Tests:

It has 2 Gammacameras and license from the Nuclear Safety Council to perform tests with isotopes, TECNECIO 99 (TC99), GALIO 67 (GA67), IODO123 (I123), DAT-SCAN.

With this equipment a wide variety of tests can be performed:

  • Bone scintigraphy (localized and tracer).

  • Thyroid scan

  • Parathyroid scintigraphy

  • Renal scan

  • Renogram

  • Lung scan

  • Salivary scan

  • Lymphoscintigraphy of MMSS and MMII

  • Isotopic lymphoscintigraphy for sentinel lymph node detection

  • Brain Spect, etc...

Contact information:

C/ Oquendo, 23, 28002 Madrid (former Clínica Gamma).

Tel.: 91 593 84 42 / 91 411 66 97