Affidea España is committed to the digitalization of its processes to facilitate communication with patients, professionals and customers.

  • The Affidea 360 project will enable direct communication with patients, professionals and clients through different technological platforms.

  • Affidea Spain provides employees and patients with powerful technological tools that streamline procedures and facilitate the search for information.

Madrid, May 03, 2022-. Affidea España, which belongs to the largest European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and oncology services and has 40 centers in our country, is implementing the Affidea 360 project for the digitalization and optimization of processes, whose main objective is the homogenization of both the main information system and the procedures carried out in Affidea centers and offices, so as to enable the incorporation and agile integration of new outpatient clinics and specialties. In this way, Affidea 360 will offer new communication channels to patients through different technological platforms.

The objective of Affidea 360 is to facilitate management and customer relations in a digital experience in both administrative and clinical processes. Thus, all procedures will be streamlined, reducing queues and waiting times, with information of interest to patients being sent by messaging in real time about their tests, appointments, etc. on the Patient Portal, where powerful data analysis tools will also be available, such as report generators, dashboards and Business Intelligence tools, among others, which will help to further improve the digital experience in the future.

This project represents a transformation of the company, as it is at the core of its business. The rapid evolution, growth and willingness to provide its patients and professionals with the best technological means, have motivated a key project for the Digital Transformation strategy. Affidea 360 equips its employees with technological tools that provide greater value to patients and customers of the company.

Theo Kravvas, CEO of Affidea Spain comments that "digital solutions are fundamental to improve the experience and access to healthcare. At Affidea we are committed to offering our users the most efficient and seamless digital pathway, providing them with all the necessary tools to enhance their experience with us. This strategy is aligned with our core values of affinity, loyalty and new ideas and we are very proud of the entire team that is carrying out this initiative."

Jorge Gómez Zardaín, Head of Digital Transformation at Affidea Spain, states that "Affidea 360 is Affidea Spain's transformational project that encompasses analyzing all current processes, both clinical and administrative and financial, with the purpose of optimizing them, consolidating the digital transformation strategy by relying on the best technology and improving the experience of all users of our digital systems, both external and internal".

To achieve these objectives, we are working in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way, with each area contributing its experience, knowledge and ideas. Not in vain, we have been working for more than 30 sessions in which more than 50 Affidea professionals are participating, each one contributing in his or her own field," adds Gómez. At Affidea we are convinced that the success of this project is based on three pillars: processes, people and technology, without forgetting the enthusiasm, dedication and quality that we put into all our activities."

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Affidea is a leading European provider of diagnostic imaging services, outpatient services and oncology care, operating internationally with 320 centers in 15 European countries and working with more than 11,000 professionals serving more than 10 million patients each year.

Affidea Spain, established in our country since 2017, has 40 centers in Catalonia, Madrid, Murcia, Castilla y León, Comunidad Valenciana, Castilla La Mancha and Asturias, and 730 professionals, serving in total more than 390,000 patients each year. More information at

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