Affidea continues its expansion in Spain. The company enters Valencia with the strategic acquisition of Clínica Tecma, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and outpatient care.

  • Affidea reaches 320 centers across Europe, serving more than 10 million patients each year.

  • Clínica Tecma is the leading private provider in the Valencian Community, offering diagnostic imaging, a wide range of outpatient services, dentistry, and medical examinations for driving, firearms and nautical licenses.

  • The acquisition of Tecma is the fourth that the company has completed in 2022 at European level and the third in Spain in the last year.

Madrid, June 6, 2022-. Affidea Group announced today the acquisition of 100% of Clínica Tecma, a renowned outpatient medical provider in Alzira (Valencia). Thus, Affidea expands its business model by adding new outpatient services.

Clínica Tecma serves more than 300,000 visits a year, offering advanced diagnostic imaging, a wide range of more than 20 medical specialties, laboratory tests, dentistry, medical check-ups for drivers, gun and nautical licenses, and a multitude of rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments. The company also has more than 200 health professionals, offering high quality medical care 365 days a year for public and private patients, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies and sports federations.

For 15 years, Clínica Tecma has been an important and reputable health center in Alzira (Valencia), providing coverage to nearly 260,000 inhabitants and being recognized as a medical center of reference for the needs of international sportsmen and sports associations.

With this acquisition, Affidea reaches 37 centers in Spain, serving a total of more than 500,000 patients each year, expanding its geographical presence throughout the national territory, with a reinforced capacity in outpatient services that will allow Affidea to be one of the preferred health care providers for companies and private health insurers. At national level, Affidea will have around 1,000 professionals providing services in its centers, 200 of whom come from Clínica Tecma.

Giuseppe Recchi, CEO of the Affidea Group, said: "Our strategy of expansion and development of our leading position in all countries is moving forward with another strategic acquisition. In the last year we grew significantly, adding 51 new medical centers to our network, reaching today more than 320 centers and an impressive range of outpatient services that allow us to better serve our patients, offering them one-stop centers for their medical needs. The future of healthcare revolves around integrated ambulatory pathways, taking into account patient needs and market demands. At Affidea, we are proud to have succeeded in building a unique network of centers where integrated outpatient services complement and create strong synergies with our core business of advanced diagnostics, always with the patient experience in mind. This is what makes us the provider of choice for patients, physicians and public and private patients. We are focused on strongly accelerating our growth, with the goal of improving access to high-quality medical services for our patients."

Theo Kravvas, Country Manager of Affidea Spain, commented: "Clínica Tecma in Alzira (Valencia) is a project very much in line with our strategy of expanding into new geographical areas in Spain and enriching the clinical offer to patients and partners. We are very proud to include Clínica Tecma in our network, as well as the prestigious Dr. Candel to our team of professionals. With this milestone, Affidea Spain increases its presence in the Valencian Community with a leading clinic in outpatient and diagnostic services in the region, and sets the high standards Affidea Spain will offer in the market. We are delighted to welcome Clínica Tecma to the Affidea family".

Dr. Jorge Candel, director of Clínica Tecma and renowned professional closely linked to sports having been a doctor, among others, for the Spanish national soccer team, Valencia FC and external consultant for Chelsea FC among other soccer clubs, added: "Following our growth ambitions, we are very pleased to join the international healthcare group Affidea as our strategic partner, which will provide the necessary resources along with healthcare expertise. Each of the 200 professionals that make up Clínica Tecma is committed to the new path that will undoubtedly bring business stability and great expectations for the future. With this union, the future growth of the company begins, in which we foresee significant improvements in the latest technologies, expansion in new lines of service and state-of-the-art facilities, always with the objective of offering an excellent experience to patients and staff.

With this acquisition, Affidea's Europe-wide network reaches 320 centers, working with more than 10,000 professionals and serving nearly ten million patients each year. Affidea has a long-term track record of successfully incorporating and integrating 160 new centers in the last 5 years.

RSM Spain has carried out the financial due diligence and acted as legal and tax advisor to Affidea, while Vasalto has carried out the labor due diligence.

Affidea expands its business model with a strong appetite for growth

Clínica Tecma is the third acquisition Affidea has completed in Spain in the last year, following the incorporation of outpatient provider Medicentro and Clínica Gamma (both in Madrid), and demonstrates Affidea's continued commitment to the successful expansion of its business model. At the European level, Affidea has added more than 50 centers through acquisitions in the last year. In January 2022, Affidea announced the acquisition of Promea, a renowned outpatient care provider in Italy, followed by an outpatient clinic in Lithuania and most recently in Switzerland, Brust Zentrum Zurich.

In Spain, Affidea performs more than 75,000 diagnostic examinations per month, serving some 500,000 patients per year. This new expansion in Spain follows the acquisitions of Medicentro and Clinica Gamma in 2021, two medical providers added to enhance the company's ambulatory care and nuclear medicine portfolio and to strengthen its position as a leading private healthcare player in the market.

About Affidea Group

Affidea ( is a leading European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and oncology services, operating in more than 320 centers in 15 European countries and working with nearly 10,000 professionals. Due to its track record in patient safety, the company has become the most awarded diagnostic imaging provider in Europe by the European Society of Radiology: more than 50% of all centers awarded in the Eurosafe Wall of Stars belong to Affidea.

About Affidea Spain

Affidea España ( is a leading medical provider in diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine, with 37 centers throughout the country. Affidea España performs more than 900,000 diagnostic imaging examinations each year, offering a medical service of excellence at the forefront of patient care. The company works with close to 1,000 professionals, including the Tecma Clinic. Affidea Spain is recognized for its focus on patient safety, having all its centers accredited for excellence in nuclear medicine by the European Union of Medical Specialties (UEMS) and the European Board of Nuclear Medicine (EBNM).

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