A diagnostic procedure that creates images to view one part of the body using ultrasound waves. For example: Heart, blood vessels, liver, gall-bladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, genital system, muscles, tendons, eyes, etc. It is also used to control pregnancy by observing the unborn child’s growth in the womb.

In an ultrasound, there is no high-energy o ionizing radiation exposure, as it happens with X-rays. And instead, the system uses low-energy waves known as ultrasounds that are not harmful to health. The system is controlled by hand directing the ultrasound beam to the organ under examination. Waves bump into each other and bounce off of different body tissues and then they are detected by the transducer. A computer processes the reflected waves and converts them into images.

  • There is no need to take any drugs in advance although, sometimes, the patient will be instructed to take nothing by mouth for 4-6 hours before the exam.

    Your doctor will give you instructions for the preparation previous to the exam.


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