A non-invasive technique for medical diagnoses that applies magnetic fields and radio waves instead of X-rays which make it a harmless technique and it has no side effects. This painless exam provides a clear view of the tissues and internal organs of the relevant anatomical site.

Due to its versatility and contrast capacity, MR is the diagnostic imaging modality of first choice among professionals of different areas. A MR scan produces two and three-dimensional images that are much more detailed than other imaging methods.

This procedure can detect incipient lesions and can establish differential diagnoses which result in greater healing rates.

  • No preliminary exams are needed. However, sometimes, if necessary, the patient is asked to take nothing by mouth 4-6 hours prior to the exam in case I.V. contrast is administered, namely gadolinium contrast.
  • Before the MR exam, you will be asked to remove all the metallic objects (metal such as jewellery, chains, dental prosthesis) due to the magnetic field. Additionally you will be asked to remove all metallic implants, if any (internal prosthesis, pacemakers, etc.) followed by a request to sign an informed consent.
  • You will be lying still on a table for the duration of the exam, which, depending on its complexity, it may last between 30 and 60 minutes, during which images are taken in a time period of 3-5 minutes.
  • You may hear noises like loud tapping during the procedure but this is produced by the machine regular operation. Earplugs are available in case you find it annoying.
  • Some people suffer from claustrophobia to some extent but in the majority of cases this feeling goes away in the course of the procedure. Take a soft tranquillizer 15 minutes in advance if you are likely to feel it. Your doctor will give you instructions for the preparation previous to the exam.


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