This is a quick well tolerated test which is mainly used for the osteoporosis diagnosis.
The measures are usually taken on the lumbar spine and hip with a central densitometry equipment compound of a board where patients lay down and a C-arm which slides down when performing the scanner.

This is the most accurate test for osteoporosis. Besides, it is thought that it may estimate the fracture risk.

  • It is not necessary to fast. However, if the patient usually takes calcium suplements, the intake must be stopped 24 hours before the test

  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothes, avoiding zips, belts or metal buttons

  • You should inform your doctor if you have recently undergone any test with barium, computerized tomography or isotopic test with contrast delivery. In that case, the patient shoud wait for 10-14 days before having the test done.

  • Women always must inform their doctor if they are pregnant or may be pregnant.


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