A very sophisticated medical diagnostic procedure that uses x-rays along with a powerful computing system that processes data and produces three-dimensional images of inside the body in a shape of “cross sections or slices”. Then a radiology-based diagnostic console is used to study these images.   Unlike conventional radiology, in which the emitter (source) and detector of x-ray beams are fixed and ray beams are passed through the site to be examined, in CT scans emitter and detector revolve around the site to produce images or cross sections. Then the image can be printed onto a screen or a panel of x-ray film or stored onto CD-ROM, etc.

The exam helps to diagnose tumours or infections of several organs, to learn about the spinal cord morphology, the intervertebral discs, the state of bone fractures, bone density (osteoporosis), to determine the presence of infarction or brain haemorrhage, etc. It is very useful and much needed in today’s medicine.

  • The CT scan itself is completely painless. The patient will have to lie still on a table that slips during the exam. CT scans usually take less than 30 minutes.
  • In some cases, contrast can be either injected or taken orally. If so, the patient will be asked to abstain from solid foods during the previous 6 hours and to drink liquids in a moderated fashion until one hour before the exam.
  • People with pacemakers and implanted defibrillator can take a CT exam.
  • Pregnant women, on the other hand, would only have a CT scan when strictly necessary in order to prevent harm to the unborn child as much as possible. In this respect, women of childbearing age, who do not need an urgent CT exam, will be required to take a pregnancy test before the procedure to reasonably rule out pregnancy.

    Your doctor will give you instructions for the preparation before the exam.


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