Childbirth course

We are opening a group for the childbirth preparation course that will start soon!


Sessions of 2 hours

1st Hour: Theoretical:

  • Anatomy and biomechanics of the Pelvis.

  • Importance of the pelvic floor.

  • Pre-partum.

  • Reasons to go to the hospital.

  • Fears and concerns.

  • Pregnancy and Sports.

  • Childbirth: dilation and expulsion.

  • Care during the puerperium.

  • Sexuality during pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Haptonomy and Sophrology.

  • Prevention of postpartum sequelae.

  • Breastfeeding and feeding the baby.

2nd hour: Physical exercise during pregnancy (Pilates, Core, toning and elasticity for pregnant women).

+ First visit of the baby with our pediatrician for free!

MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM: Gynecologist, Nutritionist, Midwife, Pediatrician and Physiotherapist.