Tensile threads

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At a certain point in life, sagging of the face, a sign of aging, becomes noticeable. The skin loses firmness and elasticity, presenting wrinkles and a sad appearance on the face. This is noticeable in the areas of the eyes, neck and cheeks. If you do not want to undergo surgery because of the risk involved or because it does not seem an option, there is another alternative. It is the tensor threads or also called “facelift without surgery”. And of course, it is a treatment that we have available at Affidea.

What are the tensor threads

It is a method of facial rejuvenation that is non-intrusive and practically painless. The results are noticeable from the beginning and it is based on the principle of inserting threads under the skin to tighten it. This is done using a guide needle and the knowledge of a qualified health professional. It is not a technique that requires long rest or special aftercare, nor hospitalization.

The tensor threads are made of a compound called polydioxanone or PDO, biocompatible and reabsorbed in the body. PDO is also used in cardiac surgery and other types of sutures.

Should I have a facelift without surgery?

If you are a person who does not want to undergo a surgical facelift, but you do want to delay aging, try the tensor threads. They are an excellent treatment especially for the age range between 35 and 55 years. Make an appointment at our clinic today for a personalized evaluation.

Advantages of non-surgical thread lift at Affidea

The results are seen immediately, with a facial rejuvenation.

  • Results are seen immediately, resulting in facial rejuvenation.

  • Recovery is fast and no hospitalization is required.

  • They are not visible, nor do they leave marks or scars.

  • There is no inadequate alteration in facial expressions.

  • They are applied in one hour or less

  • They can be repeated (perhaps after a year or a little more) and offer natural results.

Although small bruises may appear, they soon disappear. As for restrictions, it is preferable that they are not applied during lactation, pregnancy, diabetes. As well as autoimmune diseases or vascular problems.

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