Facial diode laser

Diode laser SAPPHIRE LS-1200

Hair is the consequence of a cell multiplication called mitosis. The upward pressure of the keratinocytes is what pushes the hair shaft upwards. This growth phase is called anagen. At a certain point this growth phase stops and the hair enters a phase called catagen, which is the phase when the hair starts to fall out. From this point on, the hair will shed at any time, calling this phase telogen.

Permanent hair removal is possible by paralyzing cell multiplication through heating the hair above 60 degrees, a temperature that will cause these cells to degenerate.

Our Sapphire Diode Laser LS1200

The LASER SHAPPIRE LS-1200 has a cooling system that allows us to perform the hair removal treatment with a pleasant sensation, due to the temperature ranges in which it allows us to work.

With this system we manage to reduce the pain sensibly in each session.

With LASER SAPPHIRE LS-1200 we can depilate any type of skin, from skin type I to skin type VI. With our diode laser we can also sunbathe during the treatment.

The time will depend on the area to be treated, varying from a range of 5min to about 60min.

We must take into account:

Relative contraindications:

Risk of keloid scarring.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

History of herpes.

Absolute contraindications

Photosensitivity due to disease or drugs.

Cases of fever or acute infection.

Skin inflammation, cancer, epilepsy, use of St. John's wort, use of isotretinoin such as Roacutan or tretinoin, use of any topical medication.