Large Company Plan

It is a suitable solution for those companies that have their own preventive structure already in place (prevention manager, own Prevention Service, among others), and need to complete their internal resources to effectively develop the preventive activity in your organization.


  • It provides all the coverage of the External Contracting modality (SPA). Valid for all types of activity sectors and companies (especially those of medium/large size).

  • Single interlocutor.

  • Capacity and agility in the response: Solution at the first contact.

  • Prior analysis (internal audit) of the company's preventive system.

  • Establishment of a work protocol between client-SPA, adapted to the client's resources.

  • Uniformity in the provision of the service. Elaboration of internal work procedures that allow the homogeneity of the service management in the different centers/business areas of the organization.

  • Professional experts, both technical and medical, who guarantee the specialized response you need.

  • Development of a personalized plan with differentiated and unique preventive proposals.

  • Assistance to Health and Safety Committees as an advisory body.

  • Advice and technical assistance before actions of the Labor and Social Security Inspection and the Labor Authority.

  • Possibility of extending medical examinations with additional medical and analytical tests.

  • Unique planning of health surveillance: management of examinations (appointments, delivery of results, among others) directly with the workers.

  • Customer Extranet: management of ORP from our intranet: technical and medical documentation.

  • Periodic meetings with the company.

  • Advice and management of CAE with client platforms.

  • Specific training plan: classroom, online, in company.


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