Personalized Healthcare Training

We provide specialized health training to companies through the design of specific courses or the development of generic courses.

We have teachers specialized in training who are in charge of designing the contents of the training courses tailored to each company according to their needs.


They are of a practical and participative nature

  • First aid.

  • First aid for laboratory personnel:

    • Chemical and thermal burns.

    • Skin and eye splashes due to contact with chemically aggressive reagents.

  • Injuries from glass or other sharp-edged objects.

  • Poisoning by inhalation, ingestion or absorption of toxic substances.

  • Handling of defibrillator.

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques.

  • Back workshop (postural ergonomics).

  • Back workshop (physiotherapist).

  • Back workshop (personal trainer)

  • Occupational hygiene: hand washing.


These are informative lectures

  • Menopause.

  • Healthy habits.

  • New theories of nutrition.

  • Tobacco and other addictions.

  • Stress management guide.

  • Infectious diseases: routes of transmission.

  • The heart: that perfect machine.

  • Family psychology workshop.

  • The new emergencies of the 21st century: stroke, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, colon cancer and breast cancer.

  • For new parents: what we should know before the arrival of the baby.

  • Parents in distress: first aid for children.

7 habits, 7 tips, one goal: Cardiovascular Health.

It would be 1 day a month a lecture/talk on 7 different topics, about 30 minutes long, very important for our health (Tobacco, Exercise, Blood Pressure, Glycemia, Cholesterol, Body Mass Index and Diet). In this way the workers could sign up for the ones they were interested in and the time of absence in their position is not high. Likewise, these topics would be dealt with individually in the Medical Service through the respective Programs.


These are programs to be developed individually in the Medical Services.

  • Program for the Prevention and Control of Hypertension and Healthy Blood Pressure.

  • Cholesterol Prevention and Control Program.

  • Diabetes Prevention and Control Program.

  • Weight Control Program.

  • Cardiovascular habits program: healthy heart, stress management, lifestyle habits.